Widgets for you and your pals

WidgetPal is the go-to app to share moments and live updates with your friends over a shared widget. You and your friends will be able to see what each other is up to during the day, right on your home screen.

Content & Gaming

Share content and play games with your pals

Sharing content is no longer limited to drawings and photos. We have decided to take things to a whole new level by allowing you to play games with your friends over widgets.


Everything will appear live on each other’s Home Screens!

With automatic updates directly on your home screen, there is never a moment you’ll miss. Simply unlock you phone and see what’s been happening through the widget window on your home screen.


Add shared and collaborative widgets to your Home Screen

There is no better way to stay connected than WidgetPal. The app allows you to collaborate over shared widgets. Posts will automatically publish directly to your friends’ home screen and every member in your group widget will see your post, instantly


Comment or react with your friends

Send and receive reactions and private messages from your friends. You’ll receive a notification on your lock screen telling you that someone has responded to your post

How the app works


Invite friends and share the app with anyone you want to create a collaborative or shared widget with.


Add the widget your home screen. You’re then immediately ready to receive posts from the assigned members of that specific widget.


When a friend sends a picture, you’ll be able to respond to them directly by tapping on the widget. Choose to reply with either a photo, drawing or text message. It’s private, intimate, and made with you in mind.


It's that simple!


With the camera mode, you’ll be able to capture photos, upload pictures from your camera roll, share drawings and message a text to your friends directly to their home screen. It’s easy to get creative and decorate your posts with add-ons like stickers, drawing tools, grid options and much more!


Why not send a drawing to your friends?! Easily open the camera and draw or doodle any picture and send to your friend. It’s a great way to stay close to loved ones and just be cute!


Want to keep your post simple, just write something and send a note instead.


WidgetPal just got more fun with games! Start and play games like Guess the Drawing, Most Likely To and Trivial Party with your friend group over widgets. You’ll all have turns to play and there will be a cool scoreboard to keep things interesting.


What makes WidgetPal special is that the outlet to the main app is the widget. There is truly something amazing to see your widget change during the day with posts from your loved ones. With support to share widgets privately or publicly, we give you the flexibility to add as many or as little people you want to your widget.


Receive replies and messages in your inbox. You’ll also find activity notifications to keep you posted on all things, view friend requests and see reactions to your posts.


WidgetPal is a fun place to meet new friends and discover people around the world. Share your posts publicly and start making new friends over common interests and topics. You can also discover what other people are doing around you.


Tap on the widget on your home screen and reply to your friend’s post by sending acomment or emoji reaction. It’s easy to start a chat with all your friends over a single post!


The special WidgetPal moments feature allows you to capture a single post each day to create a calendar of memories to recap your month. You’ll be prompted to take the photo using both the selfie and back camera simultaneously. You’ll have 2 minutes to capture the photo and share it with your friends. To see what you’re friends are up-to, you’ll need to post first. This really keeps things interesting!


You can also travel back in history by viewing the previous photos sent to each widget. You can access your previous WidgetPal memories in an archive. This almost becomes like a photo album for all your “love it” moments.

Designed for

Have an interest and want to share it with the world? Here’s your chance! Create a publicwidget and share interest based content to your widget members. Assign admins and setrules for your widget to maintain control.

People love us

Lit choices , superior services.

This app is the most user-friendly because it does not require any complicated steps. An extra plus is the superb customer service! Plus, there are lots of options to choose from.

gKyleVWF, 29/03/2022

WidgetPal is useful since it allows me to quickly change my home screen's look. This was particular

My photos has been totally transformed thanks to WidgetPal! A lot of high-quality features are still available! It's amazing! This is an incredible offer.

Timothy Jamesl9y, 03/27/2022


Heyy, I love your app so so so much and use it all of the time!! I especially love drawing the widgets, however I wish you could zoom in on the drawing to get all the details maybe that’s something you could look into but other than that it’s perfecto!! :)

Marvellousmeerkat, 06/08/2022

The options are just stunning.

It's a good match for my messaging. I'm thrilled, and it makes me wan
It's nothing more than a quick app widget photo sharing app ! I'm pleased I thought of using this application since it completely changed the appearance of my photos.

Egilcs7 ,03/22/2022

Awesome WidgetPal

In every sense, this home screen is excellent! Everyone should have access to this, in my view. It's really easy to use, and there's a large selection of home screen and widgets to pick from!

Joe Jackmoth, 08/04/2022

Thanks for making my home screen better, WidgetPal
In every way

WidgetPal exceeded my expectations! Anyone should be able to use it. You can be fashionable with their iOS photos.

2Ridleydm, 01/04/2022


How do I add a friend widget to my home screen?

Hold down on the WidgetPal app. Select ‘Edit Home Screen’. Click the‘+’ sign on the top left corner. Search ‘WidgetPal’ and click ‘AddWidget’.

How to add pet widgets on my home screen?

Open the WidgetPal and add a new widget. Select the feature‘WidgetPet’. You can choose different kinds of pets such as dogs, cats,turtles, etc. Pet widgets can appear on your home screen in 3 sizesfrom small, medium to large.

Widgets don’t appear on my friend’s home screen. How do I fix this?

Open the WidgetPal app. Take a picture and/or add text or drawings.Click ‘Send’. Instead of sending just to ‘Stories’, manually select the friend or group you want to send the widget to.

How to send pictures to friends?

Select desired widget with your friend(s) added in it, snap a photo, then add a caption. Your friend(s) must select the widget you created with them in it on their phone to view the images.

How to add widgets on home screen?

On the app, press “Create New,” then input widget name and refresh rate. Go to your home screen, long press it and click the “+” sign. Now, search WidgetPal and select desired widget.

How to send drawing to friends?

Click the camera button and select draw. Add your drawing, click upload, then select the recipient(s) of your drawing.

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  • WidgetPal is for friends and communities.
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